Where Our Training can be Helpful to you?

  • Our Training Programs can help you in achieving your business Goals in following areas, Fruitful and Peaceful Trade Negotiations.

  • Controlling Wastages and enforcing better material utilization- Accountability keeping operative cost at the minimum Rejection, Rework, Breakage, Spoilage, Damage or Wastage.

  • Improving upon existing Production Norms, Utilizing Idle Working Hours, Time, Better Productivity through Creativity.

  • Improving Quality Standards (ISO/TQM Techniques), Controlling Rejection Reworks.

  • Excellent Human Relations-Industrial Peace, Inter Personal Relationship.

  • To sustain business changes (Product Diversification, Business Slackness, Shifting of Factories form one place to another).

  • Improving Discipline, Absenteeism, Safety, House-Keeping, Wastages, Cost Control, Changing of Attitude and Vision, Motivation.

  • Any Special Assignments (ISO, QS 9000, TPM-TS, 7S, Fire-Security, etc)

  • You may off load your all the Training Assignments to us including identification, conducting Training Programmes, Evaluation, Follow-up, inclusive of keeping records, etc.